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Noise reducing caster wheels can save not only your sanity, but also your hearing in the long run. The clunk and clatter of casters across flooring surfaces can be quite loud, and when this is coupled with other noise in different types of industries and facilities, it can quickly become a burden. Here are some examples of industries that require noise-reducing caster wheels to help preserve employees’ hearing and even meet OSHA requirements.

Medical Industry

Though noise reduction isn’t a mandate in hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices, patients are always grateful for quiet. This is especially true in hospital settings where sick patients already struggle to rest. The clatter and clang of loud caster wheels rolling down hallways at all hours of the night can make it impossible for hospital patients to sleep, which in turn could even delay their recovery. Noise-reducing casters can create a more hospitable environment in the medical industry.

Manufacturing Industry

Line delivery carts are common in the manufacturing industry these days. They can help move parts and objects from one side of a factory to the next without much human intervention, especially if they are drive casters that require minimal physical force – if any at all. The more carts attached to the line, the more friction occurs between the wheels and the floor. More friction results in more noise, which can become unbearable over time and sound much like a loud automobile driving by. Noise reducing caster wheels keep the manufacturing industry much quieter.

Automotive & Aerospace Industries

When it comes to the automotive and aerospace industries, the manufacturing and repair processes are quite loud. There’s heavy machinery every few feet, and all this machinery creates quite a bit of noise. OSHA regulations determine how loud a workplace can be before employees must wear hearing protection, and sometimes this hearing protection can become troublesome and get in the way of proper communication. Noise reducing casters can reduce sound by tens of decibels, and even more if there are multiple carts in motion at the same time. This is vitally important for both the automotive and aerospace industries.

Warehousing & Distribution Industry

Some industries exist solely to warehouse and distribute goods on behalf of multiple other companies. In places like these, carts and racks are always on the move, whether goods are being moved to warehouse shelves from trucks or from the warehouse to carrier vehicles. When dozens of carts and racks are in motion at the same time, the noise can quickly become overwhelming. For this reason, the warehousing and distribution industry can often benefit from noise-reducing caster wheels.

Noise in the workplace can be distracting at the least, and it can cause hearing loss at the very worst. On top of this, there are significant fines to pay if workers are exposed to loud sounds above and beyond OSHA guidelines. Noise reducing casters can make a tremendous difference in the amount of noise in any industry, though the medical, manufacturing, warehousing, automotive, and aerospace industries can certainly benefit the most.