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Like anything else, it’s important that you care for and maintain your caster wheels as necessary so that they are always in good working order. If you are curious about the right ways to care for your caster wheels once you have them installed, you are in the right place. Here are some important tips and tricks for maintaining and caring for your casters, which can extend their lifespans and even help prevent catastrophe.

Start with the Right Caster Wheel

It’s hard to properly care for your casters if you’ve chosen the wrong ones from the start. For example, if you will need to roll carts over uneven surfaces, but you choose a caster that cannot absorb shock appropriately, that caster will not last as long as it could. The very best way to take care of caster wheels involves installing the right wheels in the first place. Consider the weight of the load, environmental factors, and more when purchasing new casters, and if needed, talk to a professional who can guide you in the right direction based on your needs and your budget.

Lubricate When Necessary

One of the most important things you can do to properly care for your caster wheels is to lubricate them as needed. This helps to ensure that each caster on each cart spins at the same rate. When this happens, no undue stress is put on any of the casters, which helps extend their lifespan and makes them safer all at the same time. Most of the time, if you are using your casters in a clean environment, you can use a traditional gel-based lubricant. However, if you are using your casters in an area where there is a large amount of dust and debris, you may want to consider a dry lubricant. These are designed to keep the debris in the environment out of the caster.

Keep Floors Clean

Though it’s true that much of maintaining caster wheels comes down to the wheels themselves, the truth is that keeping your floors clean is important, too. After all, the less debris on the floor, and the fewer the obstacles for the caster wheels to encounter, the longer they will last. Sweeping floors regularly is vital to a long-lasting caster, and if you will be using your casters in areas where debris, moisture, heat, cold, chemicals, or other hazards might exist, be sure that you are purchasing the right caster wheel in the first place. Many have built-in features designed to help them last longer in these scenarios.

Make Repairs as Needed

Finally, should a caster wheel stop rolling smoothly, or should one stop rolling altogether, it’s important to make timely repairs. One caster that is not working as it should can impact the other three (or more) on the cart, thus shortening their lifespans, as well. Often, repairing or even replacing a single caster is cost-effective and quick. Waiting until all of the casters have been damaged ends up costing more in the long run, and it can create catastrophe in the workplace if an employee is injured due to a failed caster.

Taking care of caster wheels is not difficult. More often than not, it’s about purchasing the right wheels from the start, lubricating them when needed, paying attention to the condition of the floors, and repairing casters as the need arises. These things help to ensure longer caster lives and prevent less spending.