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In the pursuit to relieve injuries caused by overexertion, choosing a round tread wheel or balloon wheel is a popular choice and a beneficial one in many cases.  Less floor contact from the polyurethane tread means less resistance to the swiveling action of the caster compared to a traditional flat tread wheel. This reduction in friction helps to reduce push force when starting to roll and when turning. The rounded tread design also helps to push away some debris, rather than trapping it in the wheel.

Balloon Wheel Benefits:
-Cost effective
-Rounded wheel reduces surface contact, less friction
-Reduces initial push force

At higher weights such as 1,200 1,500 or 2,000 pounds is where some limitations come into play. This is where a balloon tread begins to show signs of increased polyurethane compression and begins to push and pull with more difficulty. In these cases, a slightly tapered wheel like a TWERGO® wheel is more efficient.

TWERGO® Wheel Benefits:
– Designed for high energy returns.
– Reduces initial and continuous push/pull force
– Resists debris, non-marking

TWERGO® wheels feature a patented parabolic face design that reduces initial and continuous push force, while the independently rotating, multiple wheel-in-one design reduces the force exerted to turn and maneuver.  Optimal benefits using this type of wheel are seen on loads weighing 2,800lbs or more and can handle loads up to 4,200 lbs. per caster. Most balloon wheels have a maximum capacity of about 1,200 lbs. per caster.

A variety of wheel configurations to fit your budget.

In a perfect world, decisions are based specifically on an application’s height requirements and running surface so the largest and hardest wheels available are chosen. Realistically, cost constraints often come into play. That’s why Caster Concepts offers a variety of ergonomic caster configurations to meet every customer’s budget:

The Ergo-X or donut tread wheel is our most cost-effective medium capacity ergonomic option.

Our TWERGO® Lite wheels are a single wheeled version of our higher capacity TWERGO wheels. Featuring the same patented parabolic tread shape as our TWERGO wheels they are designed superior ergonomic performance for medium capacity applications at a great value.

TWERGO® wheels are the ultimate medium to light duty ergonomic solution. Our TWERGO (Twin Ergonomic) wheels feature a patented parabolic face, and a twin or triple wheel design where each wheel rotates independently, virtually eliminating scrubbing and giving operators the ability to maneuver carts with ease.

Caster Concepts has a complete line of ergonomic wheels designed to require less force to turn, maneuver, and stop. These wheels help reduce the risk of injury for cart operators and reduce the amount of manpower required to safely move loads. In this case, reducing costly injuries and increasing productivity doesn’t have to come at a high price.