The days of  “if it rolls it’s fine,” are over. Ergonomically designed heavy-duty industrial casters have become the norm.
The trend toward ergonomic industrial casters began building steam about five years ago. Prior to that, the words “ergonomics” and “casters” were rarely used in the same sentence when evaluating industrial caster design and application.

Equipment design

Ergonomics, as defined by The American Heritage Dictionary, means: “The applied science of equipment design, as for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.”

Therefore, an ergonomic caster is one designed and manufactured to minimize the force a person must use to move the cart manually. This eye on ease-of-movement yields improved productivity and adds value for the customer.

Seven main caster components and variables should be examined when seeking an ergonomic caster:

The goal of evaluating the above components and variables is to maximize the ergonomic impact of each component listed while designing a safe, long-lasting heavy-duty industrial caster that meets the demands of the application.

Evaluating each component is difficult. It’s important to discuss this process with an engineer experienced in solving the challenges posed by demanding ergonomic applications. At Caster Concepts, our engineers help guide customers though this evaluation process, balancing the intended application against the ergonomic goals. Finding this balance is key when striving for an ergonomic, functional and long-lived heavy-duty industrial caster.

The final step is testing the caster using a strict scientific approach in a controlled environment to evaluate push-pull forces. With specific guidelines, it’s easy to determine if the caster meets expectations.

If guidelines don’t exist, guidelines from other industries can be used.  Or, guidelines can be developed through exhaustive testing while changing each listed variable. The customer can also propose a starting point by utilizing the custom configurator .

Ergonomic challenges of designing

Solving the ergonomic challenges of designing and manufacturing heavy-duty industrial casters is a science. The engineers and technical sales staff at Caster Concepts have mastered this science. They can help you analyze these variables and arrive at an ergonomic, durable product that fulfills the needs of your application.

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