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You may have noticed that we are now offering a new line up of Pneumatic products and you may be wondering what are the different  Pneumatic Tire types?

Lets clear that up, there are 2 types of pneumatic tires and different options for filling the tires

Standard Pneumatic tires are soft and very similar to automobile tires. They are usually air filled, but can also be filled with foam to eliminate the risk of loss of pressure. Foam does not increase weight capacities, it simply eliminates the risk of losing air pressure.

Another option is to fill the tires with pure nitrogen, this offers several benefits over compressed air. Compressed air is 78 percent nitrogen, just under 21 percent oxygen, and the rest is water vapor and CO2.  Water, present as a vapor or even as a liquid in a tire, causes more of a pressure change with temperature swings than dry air does. It also promotes corrosion of the rim.

Pure nitrogen eliminates moisture and is less likely to migrate through tire rubber. If your application involves temperature changes, such as going from indoors to outdoors or into heated or cooled facilities, nitrogen is a better choice because it is less likely to reduce pressure with temperature change.

Solid Pneumatic tires do not offer the gentle and soft ride that standard pneumatic tires do, but they are a great choice for outdoor applications, and other applications where flooring may not be smooth. The hard rubber exterior is easier on flooring and offers more give than most industrial tires and wheels. However the do not roll as smooth or offer less shock resistance than standard pneumatic tires.

Solid Pneumatic tires are made of solid dense rubber and have a hollow center. They do not require air, and are puncture proof. Another key benefit of solid Pneumatic tires is greater weight capacities than standard Pneumatic tires.

Don’t be confused by others calling solid Pneumatic tires semi Pneumatic, there are only two Pneumatic tire types in industrial casters.

You can check out our complete line of Pneumatic tires here