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The most disabling, non fatal Workplace injuries cost over $1 Billion per week to businesses in the United States, totaling just under $62 Billion, according to the 2016 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index. The top ten most disabling injuries cost just over $51 Billion of the $62 Billion total.

Four of the ten most disabling injuries, may be avoided or reduced by using the right caster. These four injuries are

  1. Overexertion Involving an Outside Source ($15.08B)
  2. Struck by Object or Equipment ($5.31B)
  3. Other Exertions or Bodily Reactions ($4.15B)
  4. Caught In / Compressed by Equipment or Objects ($1.97B)

and they total just over $26 Billion in direct costs.

The right caster with the right accessories can help with reducing the risk of, or possibly eliminating the four injuries identified above, here’s how:

Overexertion involving an outside source can be addressed with an ergonomic caster, ergonomic casters like TWERGO® and TWERGO® Lite reduce force exerted to start and continue rolling, as well as force required to turn. By reducing the amount of force exerted, the risk of overexertion is reduced.

Struck by object or equipment by adding brakes to casters, the risk of a cart “running away” is greatly reduced. Another way to reduce risk of an employee being struck is by giving the operator clear line of sight above the cart, one way to achieve this is by using lower profile casters and smaller diameter wheels (note that the smaller the diameter of the wheel, the greater the amount of force required to start and keep rolling). Because we can easily design and build custom casters, we can modify the caster rig to achieve a lower profile.

Other exertions or bodily reactions are injuries caused by bending, reaching, twisting etc. such as bending down to engage a brake or swivel lock. We offer foot actuated brakes and swivel locks to eliminate the bending and twisting, and essentially eliminate the risk of this type of injury.

Compressed by equipment or objects industrial carts can weigh several tons when fully loaded, carts that heavy tend to have casters with large diameter wheels, diameters large enough to pinch or run over toes and feet. Toe Guards are a designed to minimize the risk of such injuries.

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