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In the world of casters, much like most items, ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. The Round Tread Wheel, also known as the Donut or Balloon Tread Wheel, has become a popular choice in certain markets. The rounded tread design achieves some significant ergonomic benefits, primarily due to the reduction in wheel to surface contact. Because this wheel is rounded, it reduces the footprint of polyurethane that comes in contact with the floor, resulting in less friction than traditional, flat tread caster wheels. The reduction in friction helps to reduce push force when starting rolling and when turning. The rounded tread design also helps to push away some debris, rather than trapping it in the wheel.

In addition to the rounded tread design, some ergonomic benefits are achieved by certain polyurethane tread formulations. For example, our ErgoTread polyurethane helps reduce push pull force to start and keep the wheel rolling. That is primarily due to the high rebound characteristic of this formulation, it actually returns energy. This is the most popular formulation for this type of wheel, but that doesn’t make it the right choice for all applications.

Because Caster Concepts is a true manufacturer who also processes its own polyurethane, rather than a distributor or assembler, we can pour the proper formulation to conquer your specific challenges. For example, we offer a formulation that will resist heat build up caused by the higher speed in some powered applications, such as AGV’s or Tuggers. Another formulation is designed to carry higher weight capacities, we also have one that will resist chemicals, tearing and flat spotting (when the cart is left resting in the same position for several hours, while loaded). These are all challenges that the ergonomic, high rebound formulation, that is popular on Balloon / Donut wheels is just not designed to withstand, and creates a high risk of failure.

While the Balloon Wheel is a good product for reducing push pull force, it does have limitations on weight capacity. In addition to our complete line of Balloon or Round Tread wheels, we also offers TWERGO® wheels, with a patented parabolic face design, that reduces initial and continuous push force, while the independently rotating, multiple wheel-in-one design reduces force exerted to turn and maneuver.  TWERGO® achieves optimal benefits on loads weighing 2,800lbs or more, and has weight capacities as great as 4,200lbs per caster. Most Balloon wheels have a maximum capacity of about 1,200lbs per caster.

TWERGO® is also available in wheel diameters ranging from 4 inches to 12 inches, making it a great choice for applications that have specific overall height requirements. The 4 inch, triple wheel configuration has a maximum weight capacity of almost 1,000lbs per caster. Allowing for lower overall heights, while providing the weight capacities needed in industrial applications. Because TWERGO® can reduce push force while increasing weight capacities, TWERGO® can help increase productivity.

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