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Round Tread Ergonomic Wheels

Caster Concepts offers this popular wheel with various polyurethane tread formulations, ensuring the best tread material for your specific challenges. The Round, or Crown Tread wheel is primarily an ergonomic wheel, with lower weight capacities than conventional poly on cast iron wheels. The rounded tread design is the primary driver of this wheels ergonomic benefits, additional benefits can be achieved with polyurethane tread material.

Most manufacturers offer this wheel in one tread material only, promoting it as a “one size fits all solution”. Being a true manufacturer that formulates and processes polyurethane right in our plant, we can offer this wheel with the best polyurethane to conquer your specific challenges.

There are several factors that can impact tread polyurethane, and the overall wheels performance, including environment, temperatures, weight capacity, chemicals, flooring conditions, speed, use intervals and other factors. There is not one tread formulation that can perform well in all of these challenges! For this reason, we offer the Round Tread wheel with the following tread polyurethane formulations:



TR-95 tread material is tear resistant and carries higher weight than most tread materials

TR 95 Tread Polyurethane offers a tear resistant wheel with moderate elasticity in Shore 95A hardness wheel. This tread material can handle higher weight capacities with good solvent and oil resistance, and resists flat spotting when a cart is left with a full load for an extended period.


HPPT Tread resists heat build up, making it ideal for powered applications like AGV’s

HPPT Tread Polyurethane is designed for high weight and powered applications, such as AGV’s and Tugger’s, thanks to its ability to resist heat build up. HPPT is the right choice for higher weight capacity loads. In addition, this formulation resists permanent deformation, abrasions and many solvents.


ErgoTread Poly achieves reduced push pull force

ErgoTread Tread Polyurethane returns energy, resulting in reduced initial and continuous push pull force. This unique formulation achieves a high resistance to debris, reduces noise and is very easy on flooring, reducing the chance of damage.


TR 85 the softer, tear resistant tread material that can handle tough environments

TR 85 offers industrial strength with a softer touch, this formulation achieves high tear and debris resistance, and rolls easily and quietly. Strong enough to withstand harsh flooring, and offer high resistance to oil and solvents.

Caster Concepts Round Tread wheels have a light weight aluminum wheel core, which resists corrosion. The design of the wheel achieves a mechanical, as well as, chemically bond between the polyurethane tread material and the wheel core, preventing tread separation from the wheel and extending use life.



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