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Total Solutions Q3 Magazine


In the past, Caster Concepts’ self-imposed inventory requirements to keep parts in stock were creating more challenges than they were solving. Reliability and quality were always there. What was missing was the shorter lead times.

By adding the right equipment and a quick response manufacturing mindset, today’s Caster Concepts is equipped for success.

As Andrew Dobbins, Vice President of Manufacturing, notes, “We’ve got our AMADA lasers and press brakes. And we’re the only North American caster manufacturer with an in-house polyurethane operation. We can make orders from scratch faster than our competitors can pull them off the shelf.”

In a just-in-time, custom-design world, manufacturers have to adjust their processes to accommodate customer expectations, something that Caster Concepts has embraced.

To illustrate this point, Amada recently highlighted Caster Concepts in their Total Solutions magazine, showing how a flexible, quick-response mentality is the key to building the capacity for sustained growth. Read all about it here.