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Heavy-duty industrial casters are a standard sight in  Aerospace, Automotive or Marine applications. Wherever there is a need, there is a caster than can fulfill that need. These workhorses differ from a standard caster wheel in the amount of weight they can safely move.

Standard casters are great for moving chairs and dollies. To handle weights from 2,000 pounds to 50,000 pounds, heavy-duty industrial casters are the go-to choice. From manufacturing plants to moving boats, industrial steel casters help keep the assembly process running smoothly.

Heavy Duty Dual Wheel with Brake

Heavy-Duty Industrial Casters are often used to move TONS.
Whether it’s a 4,000 lb or 200,000 lb load and up, you can rely on Caster Concepts to provide the exact caster for the application.

A’s all around: Heavy Duty Industrial Casters for the Aerospace, Aviation, and Automotive Industry.

Heavy-duty and corrosion-resistant casters are utilized where heavy loads, environmental extremes, and stringent safety standards are the norm. These casters provide the aviation industry with support on the ground to keep the industry flying. They help move and support aircraft engine stands. And they are also available as a corrosion-resistant aluminum caster for outdoor use. Pneumatic wheels are also popular. These wheels are perfect for rugged or wet outdoor terrain and help ensure the equipment stands up to grueling conditions faced daily.

Ground Support Equipment Casters

Ground support equipment is utilized to service aircraft before, after, and between flights. Caster Concepts supplies casters and wheels for ground support equipment around the world, providing industry-leading motion solutions from the ground up.

The automotive industry is another sector that depends on continually improving efficiency and productivity.  Material handling carts can be of various weights and sizes, which makes ergonomics a big part of the equation. In these cases, a Drive Caster™ can be utilized to make the carts much easier to push and maneuver. Side-impact loading is another challenge the industry faces. That’s why casters like the Hercules caster are designed to take the pressure off a caster’s swivel section when fork trucks are loading carts. Unique trend formulations that feature high tear resistance and that reduce the amount of scrap pickup add additional benefits.

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Productivity Afloat: Heavy Duty Caster Wheels for Boat Manufacturing

Manufacturers of marine and leisure vehicles don’t want to rock the boat when it comes to improving safety, increasing productivity, and solving unique challenges.  Caster Concepts has helped many manufacturers effectively overcome the obstacles that arise during the production process. In addition to a full catalog of products, we offer innovative custom solutions for those challenging applications.

For example, the load weight and length of carts used in the assembly process of large boats posed a great challenge for the operators at a manufacturing facility, and safety was a primary concern. This challenge led to the development of our Conversion Drive Caster, which quickly converts a material handling cart into a motor-powered cart.

Custom Applications

Unique challenges require custom solutions. In addition to our standard caster wheel products, we offer the capability to design a caster to meet your exact needs. We have designed and built custom casters specifically for aerospace, automotive, marine, and many other industries.  We’ve even supplied pneumatic caster wheels that were mounted beneath a halftime show stage during a Thanksgiving Day football game!

Custom Casters

Whether the need is for a unique solution or a modification of an existing caster,  we can EASILY accommodate your custom requirements. All of our casters are built-to-order and to exact specifications. Our flexible manufacturing process enables us to build exactly what is needed for the application.

We have a wide range of casters and wheels, but you’re never limited to what we have in stock. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities enable us to perform all major functions in house, including polyurethane processing. This enables us to build to exact specifications with high precision and tight tolerances. For more information, you can contact our technical sales staff at or click on the Chat Now box.