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Ground support equipment plays a vital role in ensuring successful flights at airports around the world. These pieces of equipment move back and forth from the terminal to the ramp and the servicing area in between. With tight timetables, it is vital that flights are not delayed. That means that ground support equipment should be well-maintained to service planes between flights, and utilizing an aluminum, shock-absorbing aviation caster can help.

When the going gets rough, count on CasterShox®

Unlike typical carts and racks supported by casters, ground support equipment is utilized outdoors. This means that it will be subject to a variety of changing conditions, such as high and low temperatures, rain, snow, ice, and wind. This equipment must travel over rough pavement to reach the aircraft, as well, so choosing the right caster wheel is important for reducing vibration and extending the life of the equipment itself. Because of these factors, CasterShoX shock-absorbing casters exclusively from Caster Concepts are a great choice.

CasterShox were designed to absorb shock, reduce noise, and retain their durability – even in harsh conditions. This makes them ideal for ground support equipment.

Castershox vs. Traditional Spring-Loaded Casters

Most of today’s ground support equipment is fitted with traditional spring-loaded casters. Though these are certainly better at mitigating shock and vibration than a springless caster, they can only do so much. Metal springs can help to absorb some of the shock, but because the springs are not built into the core of the wheel, some of that vibration is transferred to the equipment itself. CasterShoX are different because their elastomer springs are built right into the wheel’s core, thus alleviating even more shock and vibration.

To extend the life of ground control equipment and boost productivity, maintenance and upkeep is important. However, choosing the right caster wheel can go a long way, too, and CasterShoX patented casters from Caster Concepts are by far some of the best options.