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What is Ground Support Equipment?

Caster applications in the Aerospace industry are demanding and require the “beyond standard” durability that we are accustomed to offering. An important aspect of the aerospace industry is the utilization of ground support equipment to service aircraft between flights. There are numerous instruments of ground support equipment that move on wheels such as luggage carts, cargo decks, cargo dollies, and aircraft maintenance stands.

Harsh weather environments brought upon by rain and snow, or hot and frigid temperatures make choosing the right caster for your ground support equipment a difficult task. Coupled with the varying weather conditions, is the surface condition of the airport tarmac. Uneven surfaces, cracks in the cement, and obstructions such as rocks or debris can cause for a bumpy ride. This may cause costly damage to your valuable cargo, thus choosing a safe and durable caster for your application is of utmost importance. Below we have compiled a list of some of the most beneficial casters, wheels, and options for performing ground support in the Aerospace industry.

Semi-Pneumatic Wheels

Most of the problems that persist with using casters on your ground support equipment are directly impacted by the type of wheel you choose. We offer excellent semi-pneumatic wheels that are perfect for your aircraft maintenance stands. Semi-Pneumatic tires mitigate shock by cushioning the load, while also rolling over obstructions, uneven floor surfaces, and rough indoor or outdoor terrain with ease.  These tires do not require air or foam so they will not go flat, and they can also withstand harsh weather conditions and obstructions thanks to their hard rubber composition that is nearly puncture proof.

Spring Loaded Casters

While choosing a wheel is important for your ground support equipment, selecting the right caster is imperative. Much like the wheels, you need to reduce the amount of shock and vibration to protect your cargo. Maneuvering expensive equipment such as jet engines on a dolly will require a spring loaded caster to eliminate all the risks that come from damaged equipment, and high noise levels. Spring loaded casters are an excellent choice when transporting expensive equipment like jet engines on a dolly, because of their superb shock absorbance and their urethane springs which help dampen vibration even more than typical steel springs would.

Maintenance Free Swivel Sections

Maintenance Free heavy-duty casters are designed to reduce force exerted to turn, or start rolling. They feature neoprene sealed precision ball bearings and hardened raceways that provide smooth swivel rotation with less effort. These features that are privy to Maintenance Free casters, eliminate the cost and need for maintenance programs and lubrication schedules, saving our customer both time and money. These Maintenance Free casters perform even through the various elements that face ground support equipment on a daily basis. If you are looking for casters to implement on your aircraft crew stairs you should look into maintenance free.

Aluminum Casters

Modern Suspension Systems, a line manufactured by Caster Concepts, was created to provide casters for the Aerospace industry that are heavy duty, shock absorbing, and corrosion resistant. There are three main differences between standard Spring Loaded Casters and the Modern Aluminum Casters.

1. The purely aluminum composition increases corrosion resistance, while reducing the overall weight of the caster.

2. The Vari-Flex Shock absorption system achieves optimal shock reduction, and performs even if it is overloaded, a capability unique to Modern’s Aluminum casters.

3. A difference that is specific for dual wheel applications, called independent suspension, where each wheel is on its own separate axle which keeps both wheels on the ground and the cart or dolly level, even when the ground is not, or an obstruction is encountered.