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The single wheel version of our extraordinary TWERGO® wheels utilizes the same patented face design to reduce initial and continuous push force. TWERGO® Lite makes it easier to push a cart, reducing the amount of energy exerted by the operator.

TWERGO® Lite is the ultimate 2” wide wheel. It is designed to replace standard caster wheels by adding significant ergonomic benefits, without significantly increasing the price. TWERGO® Lite has a cast iron core, making it durable and strong enough to handle challenging environments. A tapered tread design helps to resist debris and push it away.
Wheels: 5” to 8” diameter wheels.



The benefits of TWERGO® Lite include:

  • Ergonomic, reduce force exerted to start and continue rolling
  • Durable and Strong with a Cast Iron Core
  • Maintenance-free bearings never need greasing

For optimal ergonomic benefit, we recommend using TWERGO® Lite wheels on our ERGOXCEL™ line of kingpinless, maintenance-free ergonomic rigs, including the 55, 57 and 87 Series.


TWERGO® Lite is a great replacement to the conventional cast iron wheel, it offers the same cast iron core, while adding ergonomic benefits, making it a great choice for indoor applications like carts, racks, AGV’s, and tug trains.

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