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Phenolic Resin

A wide selection of phenolic resin wheels are available in inventory. The wheels shown in the chart are laminated phenolic. The continuous wrap process of a phenolic wheel makes it a longer wearing product that has a higher resistance to chipping and fraying.

Standard black phenolic wheels (30) feature macerated canvas duck compression molded with premium phenolic resins to produce a value/price relationship.

High temperature phenolic wheels (32) provide continuous service up to 425˚ Fahrenheit and intermittently to 500˚ Fahrenheit.

Laminated phenolic wheels (35) feature a continuous wound tread with a macerated canvas center. The wheels have a 40% higher impact resistance and carry up to 25% higher load than standard phenolic wheels.


Bearings: Precision ball, delrin, straight roller and tapered.
Standard: All 1-1/2” and 2” wide wheels with 3/4” roller bearings are supplied with 1/2” spanner standard.


Phenolic wheels are excellent for waste bins, platform trucks, heavy material handling, autoclaves, baking ovens, curing ovens and high temperature bakery applications.

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