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How Many Swivel Lock Styles Are There For Industrial Casters?

How Many Swivel Lock Styles Are There For Industrial Casters?

There are many swivel lock variations for industrial, heavy duty casters. Each variety has its own unique advantages and attributes.

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Swivel Lock (L)

The swivel lock provides notches every ninety degrees for use in straight line movement of the cart. Also available in 1, 3 or 8 position.


Heavy Duty (HDL)

The heavy duty swivel lock provides a longer, more accessible handle made from machined steel.


Demountable (DL)

The demountable swivel lock is a field-installed option available for casters up to the 71 Series.


Heavy-Duty Demountable (DHDL)

The heavy-duty demountable swivel lock is a field installed option available for the 80 and 90 Series casters.


Passive (PL)

The passive swivel lock is used when full mobility of a unit is needed. The swivel lock plunger engages a detent and locks the caster for straight line movement. When side thrust is applied, the swivel unlocks providing maximum maneuverability of the unit. This swivel lock is NOT RECOMMENDED for towed applications.


Vertical Mounted (V)

The vertical mounted swivel lock is mounted out of the way, under the yoke base of the caster. Used mostly in heavy duty applications, this swivel lock provides a more secure locking feature.

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