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Conceptual Innovations is an engineering consulting service focused on delivering cost effective, cutting edge, solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses that typically do not have the resources to staff a full-time engineering team. Conceptual Innovation helps these customers modernize and be more competitive in the global marketplace.

Specializing in product development, testing, automation and manufacturing design, Conceptual is backed by Caster Concepts’ manufacturing muscle, its experienced engineering team and its 2000 sq. ft. research laboratory.

Conceptual Innovations projects have included the development of automated computerized test machines, manufacturing automation, and product development for CasterShoX® shock-absorbing casters.

Engineering Facilities

Built in 2005, Caster Concepts engineering and testing area is home to the efforts that drive our business, providing an open environment for innovative product design and problem solving.

Features of our engineering area include:


— SolidWorks is the platform of choice for our engineering group. Our engineers also have extensive experience with AutoCAD, ProE and Catia.

Superior Working Area

— The layout of our working area streamlines the design, prototyping and building of all types of casters.

Easy Tool Access

— All the precision gauges and fixtures used in our special and custom work are stored right where we work.

Communication Aids

— A multitude of white boards drive the open expression of ideas and out-of-the-box thinking.

Engineering Team

The Caster Concepts engineering team is a perfect blend of experienced and mature leadership, youthful enthusiasm and a “don’t know the word impossible” attitude.

Dr. Elmer Lee, Product Development & Testing Engineer —

With master’s and Ph.D. degrees in mechanical engineering and manufacturing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Elmer is known as the father of CasterShoX®. Since his arrival in 2007, Elmer has made an impact on the business far beyond CasterShoX® product line. Elmer greatest asset is that he can tackle the most difficult technical problem and sort through all the engineering and the math necessary to understand the issues. In the end, though, he can put the problem and the solution in words that all of us can understand. Please contact Elmer at

Karen Travis —

With an associate degree in computer-aided draft and design from Kellogg Community College, Karen is a key member of the mechanical design team developing fixtures, tooling and other hardware. Karen can be reached at

Alex Harden —

Alex can be reached at


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