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SoS – Swivel on Swivel Caster


The Swivel on Swivel rig integrates a maintenance-free, kingpinless swivel section on top of a larger maintenance-free, kingpinless swivel section, creating the “Ultimate Ergonomic Rig”. This innovative design achieves ergonomic benefits that exceed traditional kingpinless rigs.

By placing a swivel section on top of a swivel section, we are able to achieve a longer swivel lead than conventional casters, which reduces force required to rotate the caster and start rolling.

The design also virtually eliminates any side to side shifting when the wheels rotate 180 degrees to either go forward or backward in a straight line. These benefits all result in reduced operator fatigue.

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The dual swivel section caster design achieves reductions in initial push force when the wheels are not parallel that almost no other caster can.

The Swivel on Swivel caster is also maintenance-free, thanks to a kingpinless design and sealed precision ball bearings. That means no maintenance costs and no hassles.

Another great feature of the Swivel on Swivel caster is that the 2nd swivel section transfers energy to the 1st swivel section, which aids with the rotation and reduces the amount of shifting that occurs. This is extremely beneficial when maneuvering a cart, especially in tight areas. By reducing shifting and the force needed to rotate the caster and change direction, the dual swivel caster reduces operator fatigue and risk of injury.

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