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    December 12, 2018 By:

    How the Heavy Duty TWERGO Industrial Caster Helped One Customer Achieve Their Goals

    Caster Concepts is no stranger to heavy-duty caster applications. Recently, a tooling fabricator who was working on a project for one of the largest aerospace manufacturers in the world approached Caster Concepts with a very specific and difficult request. This is yet another example of how the company goes above and beyond to develop solutions […]


    December 6, 2018 By:

    Do You Need a Heavy-Duty Steel Caster Wheel for Outdoor Use?

    Most of the mass-produced heavy-duty steel casters available today were designed for use on smooth terrain such as manufacturing and warehouse facility floors. However, if you need to move loads outdoors, whether across asphalt or even bumpy bare ground, these casters may be problematic. If you will move loads outdoors, consider the following tips and […]


    December 4, 2018 By: Bill deMink

    From Casters to Computers: How ISO Compliance Drives Continuous Improvement

    ISO Compliance was developed to give customers confidence in the products they are buying, knowing that they are safe, reliable and of good quality. It offered a standard that a manufacturer could use a guide to build a quality product. After all, in a highly competitive business climate, a company needs to prove that they […]


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