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March 19, 2020 By: Bill deMink

A shout out to Caster Concept’s new Distributor Representative, Cynthia Walker.

While it can be hard to say goodbye to a trusted coworker, it also offers a wonderful opportunity to meet a new one. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce Caster Concept’s new Distributor Rep, Cynthia Walker.  Cynthia is a seasoned professional with a strong knowledge of distribution who is highly focused on serving […]


March 16, 2020 By: Bill deMink

3 key factors to ensure you have the right heavy duty caster.

When you’re looking for a quality, long-lasting industrial caster that doesn’t require regular maintenance, there are three critical design choices to keep in mind:   These key factors are:   – A properly-sized swivel section  – Choosing between a hot-forged vs. cold-stamped swivel sections  – The caster’s leg thickness and width. This post covers those three key […]


February 26, 2020 By: Bill deMink

How do you reduce workplace back pain? Here are some tips.

Shooting pains, pain that radiates down your leg or that intensifies when pushing a cart are all symptoms of back pain. This type of injury is usually caused by overexertion in workplace settings, and it can lead to fatigued and frustrated workers. Most of the time back pain improves with self-treatment. According to the Mayo […]


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