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April 17, 2019 By:

These Heavy Duty Casters Can Help You Create a Safer Workplace This Spring

A safer workplace can benefit everyone. The employees benefit from fewer injuries and better morale, and the employer benefits from fewer workers compensation claims and more productivity. If you’re looking for heavy duty casters that can help you create a safer workplace this spring, check out some of the options below from Caster Concepts. CasterShoX […]


April 10, 2019 By:

Pneumatic vs. Polyurethane Casters: Which is Better for Your Application

There are dozens of different types of casters in the world today, so choosing the one that is best for your application can seem like a daunting task. A prime example of this confusion can be illustrated with the difficulty in choosing between pneumatic and polyurethane caster wheels. Though both are said to provide some […]


April 5, 2019 By:

Don’t Overlook These Four Features of Truly Ergonomic Heavy-Duty Casters

Heavy-duty casters can come with a variety of features designed to save you time and money, reduce the risk of injury, and move loads more safely. If you are considering ergonomic heavy-duty casters, be sure the ones you choose boast the four benefits below. Otherwise, your caster may not be as ergonomic as it seems. […]


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