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May 6, 2020 By: Bill deMink

Keeping operating costs shipshape with American Muscle Casters.

A facility specializing in marine repair and industrial services had a ship they needed to repair ASAP, as every day it was out of the water it was costing the owner thousands of dollars in lost revenue. To complete the repair, the shipyard had to build a mobile Gantry frame so that they could lift […]


May 5, 2020 By: Bill deMink

Conceptual Innovations Develops Motorized Ladder for Leading Construction Manufacturer.

A leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment contacted Caster Concepts to inquire about building them a motorized ladder cart to help retrieve parts in their facility. Operators were having trouble pushing a manual cart around when it was fully loaded, which came in at 1,200 lbs. Modifying a regular ladder cart already utilized in […]


April 20, 2020 By: Bill deMink

Sealing the deal: the advantages of a maintenance free caster.

In times of economic belt-tightening, there is a balancing act of measuring a caster’s quality against its price. This concern is understandable. However,  a decision based solely on price often results in buying an imported and undersized caster rig.  It’s a solution that might work in the short run, but maintenance costs and wear over […]


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