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December 11, 2019 By: Bill deMink

3 Common Causes of Caster Flutter and 5 Ways to Correct It.

You’ve probably experienced caster flutter: Think of the last time you were at the grocery store and got a cart whose wheels had a mind of their own. Suffice to say it’s extremely irritating. What causes caster flutter? In industrial applications, caster flutter results when a swivel caster is harmonically excited. This causes the caster […]


December 5, 2019 By: Bill deMink

Powered by Ergonomics: The Material Handling Industry’s Motor-Powered, Towable Cart.

In the quest for products that deliver better ergonomics, the Material Handling Industry welcomed innovations like a motor-powered cart. These carts help operators transport goods from storage areas to assembly lines with less effort and fewer injuries.  The need for this product was clear.  The pushing, pulling and turning of manual carts requires operators to […]


November 27, 2019 By: Bill deMink

Fabricating Concepts: A Laser Focus on Fabricating Components to Your Specifications.

Fabricating is defined as “To make by art or skill and labor.” In Albion, Michigan, Fabricating Concepts is the home of the “Laser Line” of products for Caster Concepts and leads the charge in fabricating heavy-duty industrial casters and wheels, as well as delivering custom components to your specifications. When you need your parts fabricated […]


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