ALBION, Mich. (June 22, 2005) – Caster Concepts, Inc. (CCI), a leading manufacturer of standard, custom and special industrial casters and a major innovator in motion solution technology, has formed a joint venture, CasterShoX®, LLC with AxleShoX, LLC, a leader in ultra-compact shock absorption products and designs. CasterShoX®, LLC was formed to integrate AxleShoX’s patented shock absorption technologies into Caster Concepts’ proven product lines of industrial casters and wheels.

Through the Small Business Innovation Research Program, CasterShoX® has obtained a grant from the National Institutes on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), one of the agencies of the National Institute of Health (NIH). The targeted research will study and document the effectiveness of the CasterShoX® product line in reducing the overall noise levels in real-world manufacturing environments. “Preventing occupational noise-induced hearing loss is a top priority. This grant will help strengthen our understanding of the noise problem in the industrial workplace and give us the information needed to create well focused shock absorption products that attack this serious problem,” indicates Elmer Lee, Ph.D. Dr Lee is the founder of AxleShoX and Chief Technology Officer of CasterShoX®. Dr. Lee is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s mechanical engineering and manufacturing programs and has developed extensive experience in shock absorption technology in a variety of markets. CasterShoX® is developing shock absorption systems that reduce noise in a variety of manufacturing settings through the integration of the products in the industrial caster and conveyor systems. Well designed shock absorbing systems will also remove vibratory disturbances that damage transporting equipment or parts being transported. AxleShoX’s patented technology allows these shock absorption products to be completely integrated into caster wheels or conveyor rollers. The marriage of these two technologies produces a cost-effective product that can be integrated into existing transport equipment or by simply exchanging ordinary wheels with CasterShoX® wheels.

CasterShoX® products currently have a carrying capacity that range from under a hundred pounds to several thousand pounds when integrated into wheel diameters up to 8 inches. There is 1 inch vertical displacement in the shock absorption system. The flexibility of the designs enables CasterShoX® to customize the stiffness and dampening characteristics of each product for any given situation. Initial product testing in beta test sites documented a 15 decibel reduction in noise levels when the CasterShoX® wheels replaced conventional motion solutions.

Dr. William Dobbins, President and CEO of Caster Concepts, Inc indicates “This joint venture, combined with our continually expanding engineering capabilities, laser-cutting and forming technologies and testing capacities, is another example of our long-term commitment to provide innovative products and engineering-driven solutions for the toughest motion solution challenges faced by our customers. There is no question that the family of businesses that are being developed by Caster Concepts, Inc. which include; The Machine Center, Reaction Industries, LLC, Fabricating Concepts, LLC and CasterShoX®, LLC combine the widest manufacturing and technology development skill set in our industry. We are a U.S. manufacturer who is excited about the future of our business,”

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