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CasterShoX utilizes patented technology that combines the very best attributes of spring technology and polymer dampening technology that is unsurpassed in dampening the noise of a manufacturing environment while reducing shock load.
US 6,543,791 B1  |  US 7,478,803 B2
TWERGO ergonomic caster wheel features a multiple-wheel-in-one design. The tapered wheels spin independently and can rotate in either direction and at any rate. The advantages of this unique design include minimized friction and reduced initial and continuous push force, as well as the force exerted to turn.
US 8,863,355 B1
TWERGO® Extreme
TWERGO® Twin- and Triple-wheel designs have independently spinning wheels that can rotate in either direction and at any rate, minimizing friction when turning and maneuvering. TWERGO® Extreme’s dumbbell configuration features the XTREME wheel on the outside of the rig.
US 9,056,524 B2
Drive Caster®

Drive Caster® enables a single operator to easily start, maneuver, and stop a load by using a control panel and tank steering and has the flexibility to integrate into a variety of applications.

US 10,377,403 B2  |  US 10,703,401 B2