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Ergo-X is a Full Radius or Crown Tread wheel, often called a “Donut” wheel. We offer this wheel with various Tread Polyurethane formulations to help conquer the specific challenges of the application, including our ErgoTread formulation which returns energy and helps reduce force exerted to keep rolling. The smaller “footprint” created by the rounded or crown tread design reduces force required to start rolling and reduces scrubbing when turning, hence reducing force exerted to turn.

The shape of this wheel gives it ergonomic benefits, but also reduces its load capacity when compared to similar size caster wheels. We offer this wheel with all of Caster Concepts custom tread polyurethane formulations including:

  • HPPT for powered applications such as tow trains
  • Hard Tread for higher weight capacities
  • TR 85 and 95 our tear resistant formulation that resists some chemicals
  • This wheel offers an aluminum wheel core which resists corrosion and reduces the overall wheel weight



-Ergonomic, reduce force exerted to start and continue rolling
-Rust resistant aluminum core
-Maintenance Free, bearings never need greasing


Ergo-X wheels are perfect for most low capacity applications where lower push forces are desired.  Caster Concept’s wide selection of polyurethanes allow us to provide a wheel capable of performing on most flooring surfaces.

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