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Drive & Keyway Wheels

Caster Concepts designs and manufactures conveyor belt drive wheels and keyed drive wheels used in industrial settings. Our conveyor belt material includes the highest quality polyurethanes. Forged steel or cast iron construction is also available for our keyway wheels.

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Conveyor Drive Wheel

Conveyor drive wheels are a key component of many automated assembly lines. Drive wheels are what propel material down the line. Conveyor Concepts takes pride in providing our customers with conveyor belt drive rollers constructed with the highest quality polyurethanes and precision machined to your exact specifications.

Keyway Wheel

A wide variety of keyed drive wheels are available. The keyways are broached to fit a keywayed shaft and are held in place with two set screws. One set screw is placed over the key and one at 90 degrees to the keyway. The most popular models in rubber and soft polyurethane are shown in the charts. Keyway wheels are also manufactured in other materials, including forged steel or cast iron.

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