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We Build Trust

We Build TRUST through On Time Delivery

—When we give our word on delivery, we are committed to doing everything within our control to meet our promise. If situations occur, that are beyond our control, we immediately communicate the issues to the customer and re-set their expectations.

We Build TRUST through Accountability

—We believe in personal accountability and expect it from our team. Accountability is achieved by >closing the loop? on clear expectations and then delivering on the commitment.

We Build TRUST through Communication

—We are committed to professional communication. We ask questions to ensure that we understand exactly what the customer needs. We work with “Up Front Contracts” which provide clarity of our intentions and demonstrate that we understand our customer’s needs.

We Build TRUST through Employing the Best People

—In business, there is no trust without great employees and we are committed to having the best. Our employees are aligned with our business principles and are provided appropriate training. We then empower them to deliver on organizational expectations.

We Build TRUST through Product Quality

—Our manufactured products are produced in the USA, with components from the USA. Our product contains in excess of 97% domestically produced content. Our products are manufactured following strict manufacturing procedures leading to the highest quality outcome.

We Build TRUST through Appropriate Application of Products

—The proper application of the product we manufacture will lead directly to long term customer satisfaction. We are committed to getting all the information in place through questioning and listening to assure the product is being properly applied to fulfill the customer’s needs.

We Build TRUST through Engineering Design

—We believe that the best products start with well thought out product design and development. Our highly qualified engineering staff uses the most modern engineering tools to design a product that meets the customer’s specifications.

We Build TRUST through Supplier Relationships

—A responsive supplier base is key to fulfilling the customerEs needs. We have vertically integrated many of our components to ensure quality and to manage lead times. We work hard to make sure that our outside suppliers are aligned with our value system. A strong domestic supplier base assures quality and on time delivery of all key components.

We Build TRUST through Distributor Relationships

—We are committed to our >Distributor Bill of Rights? and everything that is included in it.

We Build TRUST by Trusting Others

—Trust begins with ourselves and we complete the circle when we develop relationships where trust is reciprocated. We Work to Earn Your Trust.

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We Build Trust

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