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Pneumatic Wheel Casters

Pneumatic (Air or Foam filled Tires) and Semi- Pneumatic (Solid Hard Rubber Wheels)

Casters with Pneumatic wheels, also known as pneumatic tires, offer a softer alternative than most other industrial caster wheels. The Pneumatic wheel is made of rubber, similar to automobile tires/wheels, and offers protection for both the flooring and the load. They are also a great choice for outdoor use, especially on rough or uneven surfaces including gravel, cracked cement, thresholds, and other surface environments.  The pneumatic tires cushion the load and roll over obstructions with ease.

Semi-Pneumatic wheels are made of a hard rubber that has some elasticity and is not pressurized, therefore it does not require air or foam, and will not go flat. Semi-Pneumatic wheels are great for indoor and outdoor applications.  

Pneumatic Wheel Casters

The complete line of single or dual-wheel pneumatic casters offers load carrying capacities ranging from 320 lbs. to 7,260 lbs. Wheel diameters start at 8 inches and go as high as 25 inches. These industrial pneumatic casters are usually air-filled but can be filled with foam to eliminate deflation issues. Pneumatic casters are ideally suited for moving fragile or delicate cargo where the caster overall height is not critical.  These casters provide longer wheel life, less maintenance, and high shock absorbency.

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Will not damage flooring 
Rolls on uneven, cracked, and rough surfaces
Load Cushioning
Long Wheel Life
7,260 lbs. Max. Capacity


Ground Support Equipment
Helicopter Dollies
Maintenance Equipment
Mobile Construction Shelters
Manufactured Housing Applications
Outdoor Use
Fragile Loads


Swivel Locks
Sealed Swivel
Toe Guard



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