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We offer a complete line of Kingpinless casters with weight capacities as high as 20,000lbs per caster. All of our Kingpinless casters feature precision machined, heat treated raceways which helps reduce wear and improve swivel rotation.

Our kingpinless design utilizes the swivel bearings to act as load and thrust components to lock the swivel section and distribute the load, reducing stress on the swivel section.

Kingpinless Advantages: Since this design distributes the load out over a larger area, it can be used in higher speed caster applications.

Heavy Duty Casters


⇐  The inner and outer raceways are precisely fit. Their tight tolerances eliminate give and “play” for a smoother rotation and longer use life.

The 51, 61 and 71 series are made of high alloy steel and offer fully customizable top plates, including size and dimensions, bolt hole type and pattern, and plate thickness.

The heavier duty and extreme duty series are made of hot forged C-1045 steel, ensuring maximum strength for your toughest challenges.

If you are not sure whether you need kingpin or kingpinless casters, click here for a good explanation of each with both advantages and disadvantages.

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