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80 Series – 5000 Lbs Max Capacity – 6 x 7.5 Top Plate – Kingpin

Series 80


Swivel Section: The yoke and top plate of this caster are manufactured by a drop forged process from C-1045 steel. The raceway is machined into the top plate, the kingpin is threaded and the yoke base raceway is also machined to a 5 inch diameter. The components are then heat treated to 40 + 2 Rc. A 1.25 inch precision tapered thrust bearing is pressed over the king pin and engages the yoke. Hardened ball bearings complete the load bearing raceway.
Kingpin: 1.25 inch integral forged kingpin, precision machined threads with slotted adjusted nut and pinned to correct tightness.
Legs: 3/8 inch by 4 inch laser cut legs, formed on a CNC press brake and continuously welded inside and outside for added strength.
Axle: 1 inch, Grade 5 axle with fine threads
Lubrication: Pre-lubricated before shipping
Wheels: 6 inch to 12 inch diameter wheels with widths from 2.5 inches to 4.0 inches. Bearings can be roller bearingtapered bearing or precision ball bearing
Finish: Gold dichromate plating. Wet paint and powder coat paint available.


The 80 Series-Extra Heavy Duty Casters are manufactured to withstand abusive applications. The heat treated raceways are designed to prevent brinelling of the raceways. The laser cut formed legs provide additional strength when side loading or skidding is prevalent in the application. The exceptional strength of the 80 Series makes it an ideal choice for rugged jobs.


Die carts, automotive plants, steel mills, production line delivery trailers, fiberglass lay up molds, stamping racks, aircraft maintenance, aircraft crew stairs, trash gondolas and other aircraft ground support equipment.


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80 Series – 5000 Lbs Max Capacity – 6 x 7.5 Top Plate – Kingpin
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