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30 Series – 900 Lbs Max Capacity – 4 x 4.5 Top Plate – Kingpin

Series 30


Swivel Section: Made with cold forged, stamped out of 1/4 inch steel, the swivel section includes high-strength double row ball bearings in smooth stamped raceways. The raceways are not precision machined or heat treated.
Legs: 1/4 inch steel formed for strength
Kingpin: 5/8 inch diameter kingpin
Axle: 1/2 inch diameter
Wheel Diameter: 4 – 8 inches
Wheel Width: 1.5 – 2 inches
Overall Height: 5.63 – 9.5 inches
Swivel Lead: 1.38 – 2.38 inches


The medium duty line of 30 Series casters are designed and engineered for loads in the 250-900 lbs. range. The medium duty line provides the user a rugged caster at a lower price point. Carrying capacities will be very dependent on the wheel that is used in the application. Most medium duty casters will use a light polyurethane wheel, a phenolic wheel, an injection molded wheel, a pneumatic tire, or a mold on rubber wheel.


Excellent for dollies, waste disposal trucks, warehouse trucks, food service equipment, proof or cooling racks, portable work benches, floor trucks, shop carts, drywall dollies, trailer frames, wire shelving units, tool boxes, laundry distribution carts, manual lifting devices, unitized dairy distribution carts and other medium duty applications. The medium duty line of casters is designed and built for manual applications and should not be used in powdered applications.


Common options include a variety of brakes including cam brakes and treadlock brakes. Swivel locks can be either factory installed or field installed. Toe guards may also be included.

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30 Series – 900 Lbs Max Capacity – 4 x 4.5 Top Plate – Kingpin
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