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Dual Wheel 99 Series – 50,000 Lbs Capacity -14 x 14 Top Plate – Dual Wheel Kingpin

Series 2-99


Swivel Section: The yoke and top plates for this massive swivel section are manufactured by a drop forged process from C-1045 steel. The kingpin is an integral forged part of the top plate. The swivel section has dual raceways which are precision machined at 9 inch and 12 inch diameters. The raceways are then heat treated to 40 + 2 Rc. The raceways are completed with 0.875 inch hardened precision ball bearings to complete the swivel section. A 1.5 inch precision thrust bearing is pressed over the kingpin to engage the yoke base. A 1.5 inch slotted nut is tightened to secure the swivel section and is then pinned in placed.
Legs: 0.75 inch laser cut legs. When appropriate the legs are formed by a CNC press brake to enhance the strength. The legs are continuously welded both inside and outside for the greatest strength.
Kingpin: 1.5 inch diameter kingpin integrally forged into the top plate features a slotted adjusting nut and heavy duty 1.5 inch sealed and tapered thrust bearing.
Axle: 2 inch alloy steel with fine threads
Lubrication: Pre-lubricated before shipping.
Wheels: Available in single and dual-wheel configurations. Single wheel diameters range from 12 inch to 28 inch. Dual wheel diameters range from 10 inch to 22 inch as standard.
Overall Height: 16.50 inch – 32.00 inch
Swivel Lead: 3.0 inch – 6.0 inch
Top Plate: 14 inch x 14 inch
Finish: Wet paint is standard and powder coat painting is optional.


The Dual Wheel 99 Series Extra Heavy Duty Caster is designed and built to carry the heaviest loads while delivering the longest cycle life and flawless performance. The Dual Wheel 99 Series Caster is unsurpassed in the marketplace for quality and reliability. The dual raceway load design provides superior carrying capacity and the design assures smooth rotation of this massive caster even when heavily loaded.


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Dual Wheel 99 Series – 50,000 Lbs Capacity -14 x 14 Top Plate – Dual Wheel Kingpin
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