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Dual Wheel 91 Series – 20000 Lbs Capacity – 8.5 x 8.5 Top Plate- Dual Wheel Kingpinless

Series 2-91


Swivel Section: Constructed of hot forged C-1045 steel, the single ball race design features 7/8 inch diameter load/thrust ball bearings in a 7 inch diameter precision machined raceway.
Kingpin: Kingpinless style design
Legs: 1/2 inch by 4 inch laser cut legs. Formed on a CNC press brake and continuously welded inside and outside to the yoke base
Axle: 1.25 inch, Grade 5 axle with fine threads plated finish.
Lubrication: Pre-lubricated before shipping
Wheels: 6 inch to 20 inch diameters are available in roller bearing , tapered bearing or precision ball bearing
Height: 9.50 inches – 23.75 inches
Swivel Lead: 2.25 inches -4.0 inches
Finish: Gold dichromate plating. Wet paint and powder coat are optional finishes.
Top Plate: 8.5” x 8.5”


The Extra Heavy Duty-Kingpinless Heavy Duty Industrial Steel Caster has become a highly accepted industrial caster while evolving into a valuable investment for rugged applications by minimizing maintenance costs. It is valued for its simplicity and providing a tough caster for industrial applications where shock loading is prevalent. The top plate and yoke base are held in alignment with 3/4 inch high quality hardened ball bearings. The construction of the swivel section puts the ball bearing in a sheer load that provides great strength while providing smooth operation when swiveling in a loaded state. The ease of swiveling leads to very long lifecycles and many years of low cost operation.


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Dual Wheel 91 Series – 20000 Lbs Capacity – 8.5 x 8.5 Top Plate- Dual Wheel Kingpinless
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