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Wheel Configurations

4-Wheel Non-Tilt (all swivels)

This cart configuration can be maneuvered in any direction. Ideal for confined areas, but needs swivel lock for traveling long distances in a straight line.

4-Wheel Diamond Pattern (all rigid)

This tilt-type cart configuration rotates or pivots on the center wheels. This is the lowest cost cart configuration and is suitable for light loads. This design cannot be pushed sideways.

4-Wheel Caster Steer (2 swivels, 2 rigid)

This cart configuration is the most popular. It is easily turned or pushed straight and it also trails well.

4-Wheel Diamond Pattern(2 swivels, 2 rigid)

This cart configuration is highly maneuverable and will rotate in its own length.

Wagon (Fifth Wheel Steer)

This trailer configuration features large axle mounted wheels for heavy loads. This is usually powered drawn.

6-Wheel Tilt or Non-Tilt (4 swivel, 2 rigid)

This cart configuration is recommended for heavy loads and extra long trucks. It turns in its own length. The casters on the corners provide stability

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