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Bearing Types

  • bearing_type_1

    Roller Bearings

    The roller bearing is capable of carrying a greater load than the same size diameter ball bearing. It has a split outer race shell into which the roller assembly is inserted. The bearings are contained by hardened washers.

  • bearing_type_2

    Precision Tapered Bearings

    The precision tapered bearing is the most effective bearing for heavy loads. It is capable of absorbing excessive side thrust loading and can be used where high speed operation is essential. Bearings should be periodically inspected to ensure proper adjustment.

  • bearing_type_3

    Precision Sealed Ball Bearings

    Recommended for maximum rolling ease with no maintenance lubrication required. Quiet operation for medium-duty to heavy-duty loads. Not suggested for severe side or impact loads.

  • bearing_type_4

    Annular Ball Bearing

    Bearings are machined with hardened raceways. Ideal for applications where maximum rolling ease and quiet operation are needed. Best suited for light to medium-duty loads. Bearing is pre-assembled and the entire unit is mounted in the wheel.

  • bearing_type_5

    Delrin Bearings

    Delrin bearings are extremely durable under a wide range of temperatures, humid conditions and are corrosion resistant. Wheels with the Delrin bearings are well suited for applications such as steam cleaning or where excessive water or liquid is present.

  • bearing_type_6

    Oilite and Bronze Bearings

    Oilite bearings are impregnated with oil that self lubricates during use. It is resistant to corrosion and suited for wet applications, slow speeds, high heat and very low maintenance.

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