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Phenolic Resin Wheels

Phenolic Resin Wheels Overview

Phenolic resin wheels are mixed with phenolic resin, and molded under high pressure and temperature. Phenolic caster wheels are recommended for smooth concrete floors and can be used for storage loads without permanent compression set to the wheel. These phenolic wheels are highly resistant to oil, grease, gasoline and mild acids. Phenolic caster wheels will carry loads as great as the same size gray iron wheel. The wheel tread may show wear from repeated travel over rough floor surfaces.


Phenolic Resin Wheels by Caster Concepts

  • Impact Resistant
  • Temperature Resistance to 300° F
  • Oil Resistant
  • Grease Resistant
  • Gasoline Resistant


Phenolic wheels are excellent for waste bins, platform trucks, heavy material handling, autoclaves, baking ovens, curing ovens and high temperature bakery applications.


Wide selections of phenolic resin wheels are available. Standard black phenolic wheels are molded with premium phenolic resins. Laminated phenolic wheels feature a continuous wound tread with a softened canvas center. Laminated phenolic wheels have a 40% higher impact resistance and carry up to 25% higher load than standard phenolic wheels.

(Not recommended for wet applications where the wheel will be in standing water. Also, due to the hardness, wheels tend to generate significant noise from the cart as there is no dampening that would be present with a polyurethane wheel.)

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