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Mold on Rubber Wheels


Caster Concepts offers the highest quality domestic mold on rubber caster wheels. Our wheels consist of a soft black 70 durometer rubber tread, permanently bonded to a class 30 gray iron center.

Advantages: Mold on rubber wheels provide excellent floor protection, a cushioned and quiet ride for the product being transported, and excel at absorbing shock and vibration. When used as a drive wheel, mold on rubber caster wheels provide excellent grip. They are a cost-effective means of reducing noise while maintaining reasonable carrying capacities.


Mold on rubber wheels with a cast iron wheel core are available in a wide variety of sizes.

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Rubber Caster Wheel Features

Rubber Wheels - Caster Wheels

  • 70 Durometer 1” Thick Tire (may cause floor marking)
  • Temperature Resistance to 180˚F
  • 3,000 lbs Max. Capacity
  • Excellent Grip


This heavy-duty rubber caster wheel is capable of satisfying new and replacement needs on carts, industrial trucks, and many other uses where floor protection must be taken into consideration. Excellent for moist and wet environments, food service equipment, small waste bins, factory use, platform trucks, and hotel equipment.


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