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Flanged Wheels


Flanged caster wheels are designed to operate on steel tracking to minimize guidance and rolling effort. These wheels are constructed of premium cast iron and steel for high strength and long wear. The grid below features our single and dual flange steel wheels. Flanged wheels running on in-plant tracks give an “instant production line.” Loads are taken off the floor permitting higher capacities, easier rolling, floor protection and controlled flow all at the same time. Standard flanged caster wheels are cast iron except as noted, and are furnished with plain bore, straight roller bearings, or precision tapered roller bearings.


  • Grade 30 Gray Iron
  • Temperature Resistance to 800° F
  • Ductile Iron or Steel When Required
  • 15,000 lbs Max. Capacity


Flanged caster wheels are excellent for precise alignment of work, captive turntables or repetitive processes, including foundry cooling lines.

Flanged Caster Wheel Options

Various bore sizes are available and wheels can be key-wayed if desired to meet the application. These wheels can be installed in appropriate size caster rigs when required as a Flanged Caster. For custom Flanged caster wheels please complete our custom worksheet. All wheels have standard painted finish with the running face and flange CNC-machine finish. Heat treating is available for applications requiring better wear resistance, or involving higher capacities. Caster Concepts can custom design and manufacture flanged track wheels in any sizes from ductile iron, steel, bronze, stainless steel, nylon, or other specified material. flanged-illustration

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