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ErgoMaxx™ Maintenance Free Casters

ErgoMaxx™ is our line of Maintenance Free casters that never need greasing or any type of service. They feature precision neoprene sealed ball bearings and hardened raceways, ensuring smooth rotation for several years. The king-pinless design, and thick forged steel can withstand shock loading and side forces.

ErgoMaxx™ Rigs are a complete line of ergonomic, maintenance free king-pinless rigs. These rigs are designed to reduce energy exerted and push force necessary to start a cart rolling when the wheels are not all parallel and when turning or maneuvering.  ErgoMaxx™ rigs can be paired with our TWERGO ® line of wheels to achieve unparalleled  ergonomic benefits.


ErgoMaxx™ rigs never need greasing or any other maintenance performed, eliminating labor and material costs for maintenance, as well as the hassle of remembering to maintain them.


  • Ease of movement reduces force exerted
  • Precision seals reduce noise caused by swivel
  • Eliminates maintenance costs and hassle
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