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The questions below are representatives of the queries we receive from our customers. If you need further information about any of these topics or you have a question that doesn’t appear below, please contact or call 517-680-7950.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What brands of carts do you manufacture replacement wheels for?

Topper, Scharine, Jtec, American Manufacturing, Nutting

Q: When should I use tapered bearings?

Tapered bearings are used in applications where high loads are present and towing is the method of movement. Frequently towed trailers and carts are subjected to side thrust forces when the trailer is towed around a corner. The tapered bearing is used to compensate for the thrust load forces being exerted through the wheel. Tapered bearings are often referred to as “high-speed bearings” for this reason.

Q: I have rough floors. What is the best wheel to use under these circumstances?

Rough floors are compensated for in two ways. First, larger wheels will more easily travel over rough floors or outdoor surfaces. Second, resilient tire material such as polyurethane or mold-on rubber will flex, absorb shock and regain its normal shape.

Q: How fast can I tow my trailer?

Maximum towing speed is determined by the type of load being carried and the gross weight of the load. The potential problem with excessive towing speed is that heat may build up in the tire of the caster wheel, a condition which may cause premature tire failure. In most cases we suggest a 10% reduction in capacity for every mile per hour over 3 mph.

Q: Why do my casters flutter and shake when they are being power drawn or towed?

Flutter or shimmy is a result of only three casters carrying the load. This is common and can be eliminated by extending the swivel offset, or lead, of the caster. The lead is the measurement from the centerline of the load raceway to the centerline of the axle.

Q: I have an application for a caster and none of your standard product works for my application. Can you still assist me with my needs?

Caster Concepts has built a reputation for solving problems in the motion technology business. We are experts in application engineering and have over 150 years of cumulative experience devising solutions to customer challenges. In fact, a great deal of our business is the design and construction of custom and special casters. Please contact or call 888-799-7166 for additional information and let Caster Concepts design a permanent solution to your motion challenge.

Q: What is the highest temperature that various wheel materials are able to endure?

  • Forged Steel: 800 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cast Iron: 800 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Phenolic: 300 degrees Fahrenheit
  • High Temp Phenolic: 475 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Polyurethane: 130 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Mold on Rubber: 180 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Nytech-MD: 200 degrees Fahrenheit

Q: What is the “swivel lead” of a caster?

Swivel lead is the distance from the vertical centerline of the swivel section to the vertical centerline of the wheel.

Q: What is the ”swivel radius” of a caster?

Swivel radius is the radius of the space measured from the vertical centerline of the swivel section that is required to allow a caster to swivel 360 degrees.

Q: How can I determine the bore size of your wheels from your part number?

Take the last two (2) digits in the part number and divide them by 16. Example: If the last two digits are 12, divide 12 by 16 = .75″. The bores are 1/16 of an inch.

Q: Why do the rigid 51/71 series start with 50/70 and the RGD 61 series start with 65?

The number 1 in the 51/61/71 series denotes that the caster is a single ball race/kingpinless style swivel caster. These casters are built with a different swivel section than the 50/60/70 series casters. The rigid casters for the 51 and 71 series casters are the same as the rigid 50 and 70 series casters, therefore the rigid part numbers begin with 50 and 70. 60 series rigid and swivel caster rigs hold wheels up to 2″ wide. 61 series swivel caster rigs, the single ball race/kingpinless style caster, hold 2.5-3″ wide wheels. 65 series rigid and swivel caster rigs hold 2.5-3″ wide wheels. Therefore, if you need a rigid caster to match your 61 series swivel caster, you would have to order a 65 series rigid caster.

Q: What size keyways are available?

  • KWA: ID=.50, OD=1.94, LENGTH=3.25, KEY=.125
  • KWB: ID=.75, OD=1.94, LENGTH=3.25, KEY=.188
  • KWC: ID=1.00, OD=1.94, LENGTH=3.25, KEY=.250
  • KWD: ID=1.25, OD=1.94, LENGTH=3.25, KEY=.250
  • KWE: ID=1.50, OD=2.44, LENGTH=4.25, KEY=.375

Q: Why are bolt holes slanted on 30-50-60-70 series?

Bolt holes are slanted on the 30/50/60/70 series caster top plates to allow for two bolt hole patterns, making the top plate more versatile.

Q: How do I determine the load requirement of a caster?

Take the weight of the load being carried and add the weight of the cart together. Take that total and divide it by three, that will give you the minimum rated load capacity each caster should have. This is also applicable for carts where a four-caster configuration is desired. (Division by three instead of four is due to the fact that three points make a plane, as well as that uneven floor surfaces frequently require three casters to carry the entire load.)

Q: What conditions are the casters in the catalog rated to handle?

Our catalog load ratings take into account manual operation, speeds under 2.5mph, intermittent use, and temperatures under 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Where increased speed, power towing or frequent usage apply in your situation, please consult us for guidance on the proper caster selection.

Q: What is Caster Concepts Cage Code?

Caster Concepts Cage Code is 015E5.

Q: What is Modern Suspension Systems Cage Code?

Modern Suspension Systems Cage Code is 01083.

Q: What is Albion Machine’s Cage Code?

Albion Machine’s Cage Code is 1XQH8.


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