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Reducing Operating Costs and Push Force by Switching to TwergoTM Caster Wheels.


An assembly plant for a large American automotive manufacturer makes full-size pickups. The plant uses dollies for material handling to transport materials between the assembly plant and the metal center to cut down on shipping and handling time.

These dollies were moving loads weighing up to 2,100 pounds. With 15 workers over 3 shifts, overexertion injuries were taking their toll as these heavy cartloads were difficult to move.

As worker injuries increased, so did the plant’s operational costs. Productivity was also down as these carts couldn’t be loaded as much to try and reduce injuries. Morale was running low and costs were running high.


At this plant, carts averaged 60 pounds of push force. A 57 Series Maintenance-Free Caster with 8” TWERGOTM ergonomic wheel reduced this push force to 30 pounds. This significantly reduced the risk of worker injury.

And, with the average cost of worker injuries costing $22,000 per person, per yearreducing push force to 30 lbs. reduced the chance of injury by a third. This added up to a potential savings of $90,000 per year, while making the workers happier and healthier, improving relations with the union, and minimizing maintenance costs.