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An aerospace manufacturer had trouble with a heavy-duty caster that supported a sizeable finishing mandrel. It was used in sanding section 41 (Cockpit, Galley, and Crew Quarters) of the Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” aircraft. The fragile and heavy caster load averaged 35,000 lbs. per caster. In addition, floor variations in surface height and space limitations prevented caster shift while swiveling. These challenges caused binding issues and slowed production.

The tool design engineering house found Caster Concepts and implored them to develop a heavy duty swivel caster that would eliminate the ‘castering effect’ as the casters went to swivel.

Solution: A 99 Series Heavy Duty Swivel Caster.

Caster Concepts joined forces with Boeing Offload Tool Design Engineering in a dynamic collaboration. Together, they crafted a cutting-edge double swivel caster tailored for the finishing mandrel. This heavy duty swivel caster redefines durability and precision by boasting a primary swivel with a super high-capacity precision slew bearing and a secondary bearing featuring a robust 35,000 lbs. capacity 99 series swivel section.

The design’s pièce de résistance incorporates an oscillating axle, ingeniously engineered to navigate inconsistent floor surfaces seamlessly. This unique caster exemplifies the fusion of innovation and functionality, underscoring Caster Concepts’ prowess in meeting the distinct demands of Boeing Offload Tool Design Engineering for the intricate finishing mandrel application.