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A food application company needed to move an important piece of production equipment multiple times a day.  However, with its inadequate casters, it required multiple workers to move it. This slowed production and forced management to put only certain operators on this piece of equipment because others simply could not move it.

To seek a solution, the food application company found Caster Concepts through an online search for heavy duty casters.


Caster Concepts’ engineering team went to work to find the most efficient and effortless means to move this 3000 lbs. piece of production equipment. In this case, they encouraged the client to use two Drive Casters™ to the existing carts to ease initial movement and overall mobility of the equipment.

The powered Drive Casters™ were an immediate success. The food application company was very pleased with the Drive Casters’ ability to move the equipment without needing extra workers.  Before this equipment was a challenge to move. Now, multiple operators could move it without requiring multiple operators to move it! With the equipment moving with more ease, the client was able to select their operators based on more important qualities to increase productivity as opposed to selecting them based on their ability to move the heavy equipment.

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