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Sometimes, the smallest details can make the biggest difference. In the case of industrial manufacturing, a simple change to your industrial cart’s caster wheels can offer significant increases in productivity.
TWERGO® — an acronym for Twin or Triple Wheel ERGOnomic — was designed with one primary goal in mind – to reduce the force needed to start, stop and turn a cart. In lab testing, the patented twin-wheel, independently rotating mechanism of TWERGO® reduced initial push force and turning force by an average of 25 percent. That means you can move heavier loads with less force – getting more done in the process.
These gains in efficiency were achieved through the implementation of two innovative designs that each promotes reduced exertion. Our patented wheel design reduced the initial force exerted to start and continue rolling, while our independently rotating multi-wheel mechanism reduces the force required to turn.
Here are some examples of applications in which an industrial caster wheel like TWERGO® can positively impact your manufacturing operation:
Narrow spaces: TWERGO®’s patented parabolic wheel face with tapered tread design — coupled with a 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 wheel configuration – promotes a tight turning radius, as well as increased ergonomics and ease in starting and maneuvering carts.
Efficient operation of manual carts: As mentioned above, TWERGO® offers a 25 percent reduction in forces needed to move a manual cart. This means you can either add more weight to the cart or use less force to move the existing load.
Efficient operation of automated vehicles: Powered carts use less power to start and turn with TWERGO® wheels, hence extending battery life between charges.
Maintenance considerations: TWERGO® is fabricated with precision sealed ball bearing units that require no maintenance. And, while other industrial casters rely on shape or tread material to achieve ergonomic benefits (a benefit that declines as the tread material degrades or deforms), TWERGO® is designed to perform consistently, and continuously achieve lower force exertion.