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Our new Custom Caster Configurator answers the call for high quality 3-D/CAD models that can be easily integrated into engineering designs – check out the new Custom Caster Configurator here.
“This new Custom Caster Configurator will have a significant impact on how Caster Concepts Inc. and its customers communicate technical information,” said Bill Dobbins, president of Caster Concepts. “We are setting the mark for ease-of-use and interactive design by giving our customers the power to design products that meets their needs – exactly.”
“Custom casters are a cornerstone of our business. The process to understand and incorporate all the customer needs into the final product can be very difficult, and at times frustrating for all involved. A successful project necessitates great communication and understanding among the customer, the sales team and the engineering staff. We believe the new Custom Caster Configurator tool will streamline this process to meet the customer’s specific, distinct needs the first time. In all honesty, it clearly puts the customer in the driver’s seat.”
To that end, we will establish two new offerings as part of its collaboration with PARTsolutions. First, the two companies converted the Caster Concepts catalog of more than 20,000 standard, off-the-shelf products into a simple, accessible online catalog with 2-D drawings and 3-D CAD models.
The 3-D CAD models are available for download in more than 150 formats, which lets users quickly find and configure the parts needed for their design without compromising design quality by using a neutral CAD file.
Second, Caster Concepts and PARTsolutions created an online product configurator for non-standard products. This lets users build custom casters or wheels based on predetermined parameters.
“We sell products in many different vertical markets,” Dobbins said. “Those customers have long-standing relationships with their preferred distributors in those markets. We’re looking to enhance that relationship and foster a great customer experience by giving our distributors access to this tool, to help them better serve their customers.”
Jackie Masternak, Caster Concepts sales manager, said it’s all about getting the product to market as quickly as possible.
“Today it’s all about speed-to-market,” Masternak said. “When a customer comes to you and they need a caster built to their specifications, chances are they don’t want to wait days or weeks. By allowing the user to configure and order the exact caster they need, we greatly decrease design and manufacturing time. That dramatically increases the speed-to-market. The quicker the customer gets the part, the happier they will be and the sooner they will be back for the next order. If the customer is happy, we are happy.”
At Caster Concepts Inc., we will work with you to find the product that best fits your needs. Caster Concepts Inc. is an ISO 9001-2008 certified designer and manufacturer of a comprehensive line of industrial casters, ranging from a medium-duty series to a heavy-duty series for any application. CCI also manufactures caster wheels to withstand impact, corrosion, temperature extremes and chemicals found in harsh industrial environments. These multi-functional casters and wheels serve a variety of applications in the industrial, automotive, food service, aerospace, material handling and other demanding markets. Learn more about the entire family of Caster Concepts companies – Reaction Industries, Conceptual Innovations, The Machine Center, Fabricating Concepts, Triple E Manufacturing, Conveyor Concepts and Larcaster by visiting the most comprehensive web site in the caster industry at:
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