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Years ago, Burger King used the slogan “Have it your way” to differentiate their burgers by allowing customers to vary from the standard toppings. Around the same time, Dell Computer grew to be a leader in the PC industry by offering Built to Order computers that allowed customers to choose options from a list of products.

Today, thanks in great part to the internet, more and more companies, in several varying industries, are offering customers the ability to customize their products. Items as simple as credit cards, offer you the ability choose between lower interest rates or a rewards program, some even allow you to customize the appearance of the card with a selection of stock images, or upload your own personal photo to imprint on the face of the card. While the automobile is arguably the first product to offer customization through options, customization today is becoming more common, and it’s not limited to high priced, major purchases.

However, most customization options are a choice from a defined, set list. Whether it is choosing the color of your cell phone, or the options package in your new vehicle, you must choose from a limited set of options.  Because most manufacturing processes are designed to produce large quantities, by choosing from just a few predefined options.

We at Caster Concepts however, has a very unique capability thanks to its highly flexible manufacturing processes and online configurator, the customer can specify exactly what they want. For example, there are common wheel diameters in the industrial caster market, the most common being 8” while 5”, 6”, and 10” are also fairly common. Our configurator actually allows a user to specify a totally custom diameter, such as 5 3/8”. Yes the customer can actually design a caster with a wheel diameter as unique as 5 3/8” and also see a 3D model of their request immediately.

But that customization is not just limited to wheel diameters, our configurator allows you to customize every key component of the caster, which includes:

• Top Plate Size
• Top Plate hole pattern
• Hole diameter and type
• Swivel Lead
• Wheel Width
• Wheel Diameter
• Wheel Type
• Tread Material
• Overall Height

A user can modify an existing caster from our catalog of thousands or design a totally custom one. This functionality is not limited to just a few products, it applies to essentially our entire product line and casters capable of carrying up to  50,000lbs each.

The configurator allows the user to type in the dimensions they need for their specific application. It also shows maximum value based upon the other choices made. Therefore, it is somewhat fool proof and will not allow you to design something that just won’t function.

We realize that end users have applications that require very unique casters, and we have the capabilities and expertise to provide those casters and rollers. Something mass production manufacturers cannot offer.