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Material handling carts are a manufacturing’s utility player – ready to take on any challenge, and capable of moving materials with loads that tip the scales at thousands of pounds or more. A material handling cart has a lot riding on it in more ways than one. As such a critical element in the manufacturing chain, it’s imperative that your carts take the punishment they get handed to them every day ‑ as well as protect their operators from the punishment of over-exertion.

As the leader in heavy duty, industrial casters known for their efficiency as well as their ergonomics, Caster Concepts also designs and manufacturers heavy-duty industrial carts. 

Our heavy-duty designed carts ensure superior quality and longevity. Whether it’s a 4,000 lb. load, or a 200,000 lb. load or more, you can rely on Caster Concepts to provide you with the exact industrial cart for the application.

Even better, when you purchase a Caster Concepts cart, you have the highly productive benefits of choosing a caster that best rolls with the situation. This can be a considerable time and money-saving benefit in relation to initial and continuous push force.  

Starting and maneuvering an extremely heavy cart puts a tremendous amount of stress on the operator’s body, which could possibly lead to overexertion injuries and all the problems that come with it. One of the best ways to reduce the costs and downtime experienced with overexertion injuries is ensuring your industrial cart is ergonomically efficient.

For example, using TWERGO® gives you an is an industrial caster wheel with a patented parabolic face to reduce force when rolling. It also features independently rotating wheels that reduce friction – a combination which can help achieve an average reduction of 25 percent on starting forces, turns, and maneuvers when compared to conventional casters.

Case in Point.

A great example of this in the real world dealt with a large tire manufacturer who was having some severe ergonomic issues with their carts. The push force on their carts was approaching 100 pounds.  At this high level of push force, workers were constantly experiencing injuries.

After running a series of ergonomic tests, Caster Concepts came up with a solution that cut the original push force of the carts in half. This involved equipping the carts with the 77 Series Dual Roll Ball Bearing combined with 3″ TWERGO Wheels.

TWERGO Benefits:

·         Higher load capacity, up to 3,500 pounds per caster

·         Eliminates the risk of overexertion injuries

·         Reduced friction means smooth/easy caster rotation and higher temperature rating

What challenges exist in your manufacturing operations that could be solved by a more maneuverable industrial cart? Caster Concepts produces custom industrial carts, including flatbed, material handling, and pallet carts. These can be paired with our full line of heavy-duty casters and wheels, including heavy duty swivel & locking casters, designed for industrial applications. If we don’t have it in our catalog, we can build a custom cart to exact specifications.