Engineering Experts Design Custom Casters for Unique Material Handling Cart.

In the automotive world, there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to moving metal. Case study in point: When a distributor needed casters for a cart they were building for an automotive fabricator, they turned to Caster Concepts.

The project started early summer in 2019 when the distributor (frustrated that he was having trouble finding anyone who would even quote this project) reached out to see if CCI could produce casters based on some Japanese blueprints. As a company that specializes in providing heavy-duty industrial caster wheels for equipment moving & custom solutions for unique applications, Caster Concepts eagerly accepted the challenge.

The project required the design and manufacturing of two types of special casters developed for a material handling cart. The cart was utilized on a paint line for a high-end automotive manufacturer. Eventually, Caster Concepts received caster samples that had to be reverse engineered.

Once drawing approvals were sent out, a few modifications were made, and the green light was soon given to start production.  Both casters were pre-hardened and heat-treated for better durability and performance. On-time and on-spec, the final products were shipped out mid-January 2020. This is one of the many beyond standard solutions that Caster Concepts has developed for our customers.

Whether others can’t, Caster Concepts can

We’ve taken on jobs for manufacturers who can’t afford to lose any more money waiting for a caster to come in from one of our competitors. Our standard lead times are five days or less. For custom casters, lead times are only 10 days or less. Compare that to the industry average of two weeks or more for standard-sized casters.

Over the years, Caster Concepts has made custom casters  to meet the exact needs for a variety of challenges, including:

  • Extreme cold or heat, moisture, and chemicals
  • Powered applications that required an axle for a chain, moving over 250,000 lbs
  • Dual wheels casters for a track with a capacity of 50,000 lbs for each caster
  • Unique swivel section designed to achieve consistent smooth rotation for a finishing mandrel (each caster had a 35,000 lb weight capacity requirement)
  • 6-tire turtle caster to disperse weight on a crane used for replacing huge glass solar panels
  • Dual wheel shock-absorbing ergonomic casters with a weight capacity of 14,000 lbs

You can find our casters in many different industries, such as ground support, manufacturing, automotive, and even aerospace.  Difficult challenge? Not only do we face it, we embrace it!