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We have forged a reputation as the leading producer of custom solutions for all types of material handling wheel and caster needs. Our best-in-class 3D CAD capabilities, computerized testing, and proprietary online caster Configurator, have made us the preferred choice of material handling engineers.

Engineers are often unaware of our long list of standard casters and wheels, available when our customers require a standard product.

Our standard casters range from 30 series to 99 series, 4” x 4.5” top plates to 14” x 14”top plates, 900-pound capacity to 35,000-pound capacity. We also have many varieties of wheels that we can install on these casters, including steel (cast or forged), assorted polyurethanes, rubber, pneumatic, Phenolic and Nytec. Add to that our ready supply of standard bearings, including roller bearings, precision-tapered bearings and precision-sealed ball bearings, and you’ll find that getting top-quality standard wheel and bearing replacements can be a quick and effortless process.

Regardless of whether your caster or wheel needs come from this standard catalog, or require specialized fabrication, our quality is consistent throughout. All of our standard products are produced with the same care, and made to the highest quality standards. Nothing takes a back seat to the pride we demonstrate in producing top-quality casters and wheels.

Do you need just a couple of pieces from our standard catalog? Fortunately, at Caster Concepts, we treat every customer with the same measure of respect, and offer competitive pricing no matter how large the order. We aren’t like the typical high-volume manufacturer. If you want two pieces of a standard product, then that’s what you get — we don’t hold anyone to a minimum piece order.

So, next time you hear the name Caster Concepts, we hope that you will think of us as a great manufacturer of custom wheel and caster solutions – but will bear in mind our extensive catalog of standard products as well. The best of both — why go anywhere else? Please contact your Caster Concepts representative to learn more about our products and how they might fit into your world.