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Like most equipment used in an industrial setting, not all heavy duty casters are created equal.  While they may be often overlooked, casters play an important role in how efficiently a plant or jobsite is managed.  They can be as critical of a factor as the other machinery and tools used.  That’s why choosing the right heavy duty industrial casters for your unique application is so essential.

For those wanting quality high capacity casters that offer superior performance, look no further than our own line of cutting edge, American-made caster solutions.  Why choose Caster Concepts?  Here are just a few reasons why we are the leaders in caster innovation.

Pure American Muscle

We are proud to manufacture our products right here in the US.  Not only does this support the local community’s economy, it also helps ensure you receive a better product in a timely fashion.  Keeping our production in the United States means you can enjoy pure American Muscle with less delays and fewer outsourcing risks.

Solutions for Any Application

We know the high demands industrial manufacturing is under these days.  That’s why we are dedicated to providing answers to your specific needs.  Whether you work in the aerospace field, on the locomotive line or somewhere in-between, we have solutions for any industry.  We have helped countless customers manage their unique manufacturing applications.

Custom Casters are our Specialty

Have a one-of-a-kind need? We are happy to offer a one-of-a-kind solution.  We are experts at working with our clients to create custom casters for their specific situation.  No matter if you have tremendous loads to move or work in extreme temperatures, our team of engineers will partner with you to develop a caster perfect for your individual needs.

Tough. Reliable. Heavy Duty.

We are not just the only industrial caster manufacturer to produce their products in the United States, we are the best at creating quality caster solutions.  Our large selection of casters are built tough, ready to handle the heavy loads and will last for years to come.  Whether you are looking for standard steel casters or a polyurethane solution, we carry them all.

For a custom caster partner you can trust, look no further than Caster Concepts.  With experience in every industry from aviation to marine manufacturing, we are proud to help your business keep moving with our American-made caster products.  Learn more about why we are the leaders in creating pure American muscle by visiting our website.