Aluminum heavy duty casters that have the full support of the Aerospace ground support industry.

When it comes to harsh environments, heavy weights and unforgiving timetables, it’s tough to find more extreme conditions than what the ground support equipment associated with airport and aircraft manufacturing facilities face daily.  And for many of their applications, not just any caster wheel will do.

That’s why Modern Suspension Systems was created:  To design and manufacture a caster that fills a critical need in this demanding industry for aluminum, spring-loaded and shock-absorbing casters that can take all the abuse that’s dished out and roll with it.

Caster wheels that are lightweight in every area but performance.

Modern Suspension Systems is one of only two American manufacturers specializing in completely aluminum (or, aluminum, if you prefer) heavy duty casters.  Our aluminum spring loaded casters are unlike any other casters on the market, because when we say: “aluminum caster,” we mean it.

The entire caster is aluminum, including yoke, swivel section, wheel core.  The all-aluminum construction also means that the overall weight of the caster is reduced to about 1/3 the weight of equivalent steel and iron core wheels. But this reduced weight doesn’t mean reduced performance: you’re still assured of the same strength and capacity that you would find in a typical steel caster.

Having a caster wheel built entirely out of aluminum offers several benefits, including:

  • Corrosion resistance. Aluminum casters are ideal in wet and humid environments and outdoor use, many of the conditions faces by carts and equipment utilized in the aerospace industry.
  • Stands up to water and many chemicals. Besides being highly resistant, aluminum is also designed to function flawlessly in a variety of conditions and is non-sparking and non- magnetic. However, like other metals, aluminum is strong and durable, and an excellent thermal and electrical conductor.

For aircraft, aviation and aerospace, these casters get A’s across the board.

Modern Suspension Systems has earned a great reputation as a leader in providing superior casters used in Aviation Ground Support and Aircraft Maintenance equipment. Most major airlines, aircraft manufacturers and ground support service providers choose Modern Casters because of the Vari-Flex design and the dual-wheel series that feature a completely independent suspension.

Each wheel is on its own separate axle with separate legs: it’s like having two separate casters on one top plate. This is extremely beneficial because it helps to keep both wheels on the ground to help keep the cart or dolly level, even when the ground isn’t level or an obstruction is encountered. It also helps avoid excessive stress on just one caster wheel, reducing the risk of failure and potential injuries.

So if you need a lighter weight, heavy duty, corrosion resistant, and environment-conquering caster, check out the full line of Modern Suspension System casters at


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