Once a total load exceeds 2,500 pounds, it becomes very difficult to move it manually with a traditional caster configuration. Caster Concept’s response to this challenge was to invent an innovative new product: The Drive Caster™. This ergonomic marvel features a ½-horsepower motor and eight-inch diameter wheels, AC and DC power options, and a variety of control units. It can be used in any industry, from automotive to aerospace and ground support equipment. And it can be easily added to a dolly, moving mall, turntable, platform, or other machinery to move up to 5,000 pounds.

Need your casters to perform double duty? Adding a second Drive Caster doubles the caster load capacity that can be moved, and enables tank-style steering, where each industrial drive caster pushes in opposite directions (one motor is in reverse while the other pushes forward) to turn. The motorized casters eliminate the need for manual pushing or pulling.

The Conversion Version: Added Convenience for Operators Without the Added Complexity.

Another drive caster innovation is the Conversion Drive Caster. This fully integrated battery-powered unit lets you convert your existing material handling carts into motor-powered carts quickly and easily. Simply remove one swivel caster and bolt in the Conversion Drive Caster and away you go. The unit’s intuitive controls can be mastered in just a few minutes of training and the panel is located on top of the steering handle for easy access to the controls. Once installed, the Conversion Drive Caster removes any manual effort required to move a cart and significantly reduces the chance of an injury caused by overexertion or fatigue.

The Drive Caster™ is designed to move tons easily and efficiently, while offering the flexibility to integrate into a variety of applications, above and beyond industrial carts and racks. For more information or a quote on the benefits of using the Drive Caster™ in your applications, please contact us at customercentral@casterconcepts.com or call (517) 465-3476.

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