Not sure if your heavy-duty application requires a little more muscle? It can sometimes be a challenge to determine at what weight you need to switch from standard heavy-duty steel casters to industrial steel casters.

Which Steel Casters?

One of the most critical considerations on whether industrial steel casters or other caster wheels are necessary is to determine your load weight.  Here is a free online caster configurator tool to help you define which caster is right for your application. It’s a great way to ensure efficient handling of whatever it is you are moving and goes a long way to increased productivity, a safer work environment, and optimal performance. But before you get there, you should refine your needs by first answering these questions:

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Steel Casters

  • What is your maximum load weight?
  • Is your application manual or power-driven?
  • What are your floor conditions?
  • Do you work in extreme climates?
  • Will you be handling varying load capacities?
  • Do you require a custom application?

Answering these questions go a long way in determining what wheel types would work best for you. Industrial caster wheels come in many sizes, to accommodate your load requirements. From cast iron wheels to polyurethane wheels to the user-specific v-groove wheels and flanged wheels, Caster Concepts supplies the highest quality heavy duty steel caster wheels for all industrial applications.

Wheel Types

Cast Iron Wheels have heavy cross-section castings to make them perfect for heavy-duty use, and they are also designed with heavy loads in mind and can support 15,000 pounds per wheel. Phenolic Resin Caster wheels are excellent for applications like platform trucks and waste bins with their 8000 lb. capacity. The can be used continuously in temperatures of up to 450 degrees and intermittently as high as 500 degrees. Polyurethane wheels are some of the most ergonomic on the market and provide less resistance than all other types. The precision sealed ball bearings require no maintenance and lubrication, and our standard density poly caster wheels have a maximum load capacity of 5,000 lbs.

Brake Types

In heavy-duty applications, safety considerations also come into play. And in many cases, brakes play an essential role. Understanding the different brake types will help you make better choices for your facility.

  • Single-Side Brakes work well for casters on the lighter end of the heavy-duty spectrum. It is suitable for wheels ranging from six to 12 inches in diameter.
  • Dual-side Brakes are an excellent and cost-effective option for heavy-duty industrial steel casters. Like single-side brakes, these work best for loads that are on the lighter end of the heavy-duty spectrum.
  • Face Contact Brakes can offer substantial braking power, but they are not ideal for all wheel types, including certain types of shock-absorbing wheels or those made from softer, more flexible materials.
  • Poly-Lock Brakes utilize a polyurethane lock roller that engages with a steel brake shoe against the tread of the wheel. These are foot-activated brakes that work well for heavy-duty loads and provide excellent, reliable stopping power.
  • Pneumatic Poly Cam Brakes are much like traditional poly lock brakes, but the brake shoe offers more (and more fluid) movement to compensate for the thicker pneumatic tires. This configuration works very well for heavy loads that require plenty of shock absorption but still rely on good brakes to keep loads stationary.
  • Wrap Around Brakes give operators access to the brake from all angles, no matter how the caster is oriented. This can save time and keep employees safer, all while reducing frustration.

As you can see, there are plenty of different brake options from which to choose. If you are still unsure of the best choice for your needs, contact the experts at Caster Concepts today. With a bit of information about your needs and your application, you can quickly discover the best casters and the best brakes for your projects and facility.

When Heavy Duty Means Heavy Duty

There is never a “one-size-fits-all” approach to our customers’ caster needs.  That’s why we work endlessly to ensure each application receives top-notch service from our team.  Here’s a great example: Our customer needed a TWERGO® product larger than any other TWERGO® we had created thus far. The desired casters also required added safety features including, locks, brakes, and toe guards.


Our engineers designed our largest TWERGO® wheels to date to hold a weight capacity of 14,000lbs per caster as well as getting the psi down to 727. This was achieved by using a dual wheel 12 x 5 thick tread HPPT wheel and making it into four 12 x 2-1’2” wheels.  Ultimately this extended the weight capacity while still giving our customer the satisfaction of having TWERGO® wheels and maximizing safety capabilities.

For more help with choosing your heavy-duty industrial casters, contact the team at Caster Concepts today!  Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer all of your questions.  Reach one of our experts at 517-680-7950.