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If you’ve ever had to change a tire on the side of the road, you likely used a scissor jack or bottle jack to lift the car just enough to get the job done. If you’ve ever done an oil change or any other mechanical work, you’ve likely used a hydraulic jack and jack stands to keep the car up off the ground and make it more stable. This new and improved workhorse of a car jack goes far beyond anything else, and without the right casters, it simply wouldn’t exist.

Instead of Lifting the Car Up, Try Tilting it Over

Home-based mechanics typically use a creeper on wheels or a jack with some stands to access the undersides of their cars. Though it has certainly worked for many decades, a new product called “It’s a Jack” has turned the entire notion of working on your car on its side – literally. Rather than getting under your car, It’s a Jack allows you to tip your whole vehicle over to one side at an angle of 80 degrees, which gives you incredible access to everything under your car without going through the motions of jacking it up manually.

What Can It Do?

The manufacturer of It’s a Jack says that it can safely and effectively tilt vehicles weighing as much as 3.5 tons in about five minutes. Though some people have expressed concerns about whether the tilt puts stress on the car’s axles, chassis, or wheel bearings, the manufacturer claims that when the device is used exactly as directed, this does not occur. To prevent the car from tipping over completely due to pressure from the underside, the jack comes with an extension that makes further tipping impossible.

How Casters Made It Happen

Though the casters themselves play little to no role in actually lifting the car with It’s a Jack, they are very important for movement and stability. The casters make it easy for you to roll the device out of your garage or storage shed and slide it under the car without too much work – even on roughly paved surfaces. The casters must also offer stability to keep the jack from moving when it is engaged, so for this reason, they absolutely will not move after the car has been lifted. This is for consumers’ safety and, of course, to protect your vehicle.

Where Can You Get It’s a Jack?

Though the product is in high demand and home mechanics all over the country are clamoring to get their hands on it, it was available only as a Kickstarter for a time, and while the Kickstarter campaign has since been cancelled, the company is still taking preorders with a $150 discount and free shipping as bonuses. Per the It’s a Jack website, a preorder will cost you a whopping $1500.

The right casters can make or break a product. Everything from a simple rolling desk chair to an innovative new tool like It’s a Jack are only valuable to consumers if they are easy to use and made of high-quality materials. Custom casters play an important role in all kinds of new technologies and innovations, as well – not just car jacks that tilt your car over to make the underside more accessible.